AdvancedRM helps to coordinate care for severely injured Michigan truck driver

Ken T. Hero

Ken T. may not describe himself as a hero, but his actions on April 13, 2020 were certainly heroic. On that date, Ken was driving a semi-truck with 44 thousand pounds of cargo. As he descended a steep hill, he applied the brakes just as he had countless times before. This time, however, the brakes failed.  

Thinking quickly, Ken made a maneuver that brought the truck to its side. This move prevented the semi from plowing into an oncoming car, which would have certainly killed the driver.

Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but Ken endured serious injuries including fractured bones in his back, neck, sternum, and shoulder blade. His right forearm bones snapped and one of his toes was crushed. On top of that, he suffered a traumatic brain injury.

It took no less than 5 major surgeries to repair all the damage. After the surgeries were complete, Ken’s physician prescribed months of intense therapy so Ken could regain his strength, coordination, range of motion, and functional status.

AdvancedRM’s Case Management Services

Ken feels fortunate to have been introduced to a case manager from AdvancedRM. They were strongly recommended by a family member who was familiar with their services. The AdvancedRM case manager met with Ken and his wife and helped them to develop a comprehensive plan of care.

The AdvancedRM case manager quickly noted issues with Ken’s speech, memory, and ability to do many of the things he did prior to the accident. The hospital team was so focused on the physical injuries that these issues were overlooked. The case manager assisted in facilitating a referral to a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist who recognized the residual problems from the traumatic brain injury and referred him for speech therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, and physical therapy. The team members collaborated with each other as well as Ken’s family to develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. Gradually, he started to make progress and with a lot of hard work, he and his wife started to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Working Closely With Our Care Partners

Ken’s case manager referred him to Advanced Physical Therapy (part of the Phoenix PT group), where he was provided with therapy designed to address his physical deficits. She made all of the arrangements so his wife could focus on his medical needs and care. She identified providers for the other therapies recommended, coordinated physician referrals, and made sure all of his providers had adequate background information. She also made sure the insurance carrier agreed with the plan and maintained communication to ensure services were covered.

Ken’s Successful Rehab

It’s been several months since Ken first started therapy, but he has made tremendous progress. When he began therapy, he was barely able to walk from the car to the physical therapy facility. Today, he can walk through stores on his own, he is gradually starting to assist his wife with managing their household needs, and even helps with shopping. In addition, he’s in less pain, has improved range of motion, and has strengthened his back, and is starting to identify strategies to compensate for the brain injury deficits

Ken is still on the journey to full recovery, but he’s determined to continue working hard so he can get back to living an active, independent life.

Ken’s case manager and the entire AdvancedRM team proud that we were able to play a role in helping Ken to connect with providers, who were able deliver the treatment and support he needed and continues to require.   

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