IME – Independant Medical Evaluations

We can arrange and attend an Independent Medical Examination in all specialty areas throughout the country. 

AdvancedRM can handle your IME for you.  We can provide set up, set up with extended file review, or can attend to ensure all issues on a case are properly addressed by the physician.  If you do not have an office member to attend, or would prefer a qualified medical opinion of the evaluation, let our experts do it for you.

The AdvancedRM Advantage:

Our experts have over 30 years of experience in rehabilitation and will ensure your client has a fair and comprehensive evaluation. 

Benefits of IME's with AdvancedRM:

  • Identification of a highly qualified professional
  • Scheduling and arrangements for an appointment
  • Thorough medical file review
  • Preparation of IME physician letter including a history, status, and questions to be addressed during the examination
  • Thorough review and analysis of the report competed by the IME physician
  • Preparation of analysis and conclusion report for the attorney

I needed help preparing for my daughter’s future and I had no idea what kind of resources were available.  Thankfully, my care manager from AdvancedRM was able to help me get her involved in several programs and locate care. I rest a lot easier at night knowing my daughter has the care she needs and her future is secure. 

Linda G.

Let our experts handle your client’s IME.  Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the issues your client is facing.

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