Tasha O.

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Client History

AdvancedRM was contacted regarding Tasha O. Tasha was in need of assistance following a motor vehicle accident.  She suffered from a head injury and fractured wrist, femur, and foot after a head on collision while on her way to work.   At the time of the MVA, Tasha was in the processing of relocating to another state.  She had a dual policy and she required assistance with identifying the primary pay source to ensure her treatment would be covered.  She had a long road of treatment, surgeries, and rehab in front of her due to her severe orthopedic and closed head injuries. 


  • AdvancedRM performed a home OT evaluation to determine home modifications that would need to be handled prior to the client being discharged from the hospital.  When Tasha was released from the hospital, there was a ramp into the home, grab bars, raised toilet seats, and a shower seat in the bathroom to prevent falling.  AdvancedRM worked with DME providers and negotiated with contractors to obtain the best price and ensure the modifications were completed on schedule.  The family was appreciative and advised they had never had to deal with anything like this before, especially since Tasha was so independent and active prior to the MVA and they would not have known where to start without the assistance from AdvancedRM. 
  • AdvancedRM provided supportive services as well and arranged home health care time including PT and OT.  Tasha required 24 hours of as she was non-weight bearing in her lower extremity as well as her upper right extremity due to the injuries sustained in the accident. Tasha required help with bathing, brushing her teeth, grooming, dressing and eating including cutting her food as she was unable to hold objects following the MVA.


The case manager with Advanced RM not only maintained contact with Tasha and her medical providers, we also facilitated communication with Tasha’s employer to ensure they were aware of her physical and cognitive limitations as a result of the MVA. AdvancedRM worked closely with Tasha’s medical team to ensure the proper documentation was provided to her employer to outline her restrictions and ongoing needs upon returning to work. Tasha was able to return to work with significant modifications to her job responsibility and task without any penalty while continuing to participate in her rehabilitation program.


With the support provided by AdvancedRM Tasha was able drive and return to work full time. She was very excited to be able to walk in her high heels again, which was an important goal for her.   

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