Case Management

Our case managers coordinate all aspects of care for individuals who have been injured, are disabled, chronically ill, or elderly.

AdvancedRM’s team of experts work aggressively with your client or loved one and their treating providers to enhance quality of life and ensure proper treatment is received.  Our case managers are advocates for the disabled, elderly, injured, and infirmed.  

The AdvancedRM Advantage:

Our experts understand the complexities that arise from a disability, illness, or catastrophic injury from every perspective: the patient, family member, provider, insurance carrier, attorney involved in complex litigation, and trust fund managers.  

Benefits of Case Management with AdvancedRM:

  • Thorough intake to determine injuries, disability, illness, or needs
  • Evaluation of client and home for proper care and safety
  • Identification of care needs, providers, and caregivers
  • Identification of appropriate treatment programs and community resources
  • Attendance at physician appointments and team meetings to discuss care needs and establish a treatment plan
  • Determination of durable medical equipment and assistance with procurement
  • Organization of home and vehicle modifications
  • Communication with insurance carriers and assist with coverage issues
  • Reports back to family members
  • Assistance with completion of insurance documentation
  • Medication management and oversight
  • Determination of issues to address with physicians during appointment
  • Procurement of medical records, prescriptions, and therapy notes
  • Evaluation of need for home care or alternative placement when additiona support is required

I knew my brain injured patient was not able to coordinate his own care after his accident.  He was seeing so many doctors and therapists. He was overwhelmed.  AdvancedRM's care manager got  him into a program where therapies were provided in one location and the family was trained to help him. I am amazed at the progress he has made.  

Patricia K., MD.

Communicating with doctors can be confusing and time-consuming, especially when you have other more important things to worry about.  Let us do it for you.

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