Fred W.

A Case Study in:

Case Management - Michigan No Fault

AdvancedRM was contacted by Fred W. regarding his Michigan No Fault claim. The client was in a severe MVA  29 years prior, when he was 18 years old. He suffered multiple injuries including a severe head injury and had flatlined on the scene of the accident and was even pronounced dead at one point during the resuscitation process.

Client History

At the time of referral, the client had undergone extensive treatment for his injuries for many years. He had returned to work in a competitive workplace but was struggling significantly due to his MVA. He was not receiving very much support from therapies or his current providers. He had a case manager for several years following his MVA who had since retired. Since the retirement of his case manager, he had several other advocates that were not meeting his needs. He had researched case management and came across AdvancedRM.  After reading some of our case studies, he felt AdvancedRM was the right company to contact for assistance.

In addition to his cognitive deficits, Fred had pain in his left shoulder, low back, and left foot. He was receiving 6 hours a week of attendant care from his spouse, but was requiring significantly more assistance. The case manager was requested to assist him to help manage his pain.


  • When initiating our services, we scheduled a time to meet with Fred in order to develop a better understanding of his needs. Fred was hesitant at first to any changes in his care. He suffered from severe memory loss, cognitive deficits, impulsive behavior, and mood swings.
  • As this was an older injury, AdvancedRM worked closely with his treating providers in order to obtain information related to his deficits. We were unable to obtain records from his date of injury, and thus case management worked to develop a strong rapport with his treating providers and family. This allowed us to obtain up to date and accurate information, as Fred was not able to provide us this information due to his head injury. 
  • Case management worked diligently to obtain information related to his current deficits and ongoing treatment needs. We discussed recommendations with the client’s family and treating providers. We worked to facilitate appointments with providers that were best suited to meet his needs. We located appropriate therapies that would help him improve his functional status. We worked with the client’s auto carrier to ensure they understood the client’s needs as it related to his MVA and head injury.
  • Shortly after AdvancedRM began working the client, he impulsively decided to quit his job due to a disagreement with his boss as well as increased pain due to the demands of the job. AdvancedRM also conducted a vocational assessment to help find employment that was more suited to Fred and his cognitive deficits.


AdvancedRM worked meticulously to ensure the client’s needs were being met. We provided the client and his family with extensive education on the benefit of additional treatment. This initially was difficult for the client and his family to understand, as he had not had a case management company that advocated for him the way AdvancedRM did. However, as he began to initiate treatment with new providers, the client and his family began to see improvements in his functional status.

Additionally, case management spoke regularly with the client’s auto carrier related to his extensive needs and the relatedness to his MVA. AdvancedRM analyzed the client’s needs, collaborated with his treating providers, and assisted to ensure Fred received the ongoing medical care he deserved.


As a result of AdvancedRM’s involvement, the client began treatment with OT, SLP, personal training, and massage therapy. He transitioned to a sheltered workshop and began to thrive in his new work environment. Additionally, the client’s attendant care was increased, allowing the client’s spouse to provide him with the care he needs. As a result, the client’s pain decreased. He was also able to develop strategies to compensate for his cognitive deficits and increase his independence in functional tasks.

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