Medical File Review

Our file review will help to identify medical problems, future care needs, and help to establish the long-term impact of an injury, illness, or disability on the recovery of an individual.

AdvancedRM’s comprehensive medical file review can provide you with relevant and organized medical information with ease of access targeted to your litigation needs.  In addition, a file review will identify the need for additional records, evaluations, and information that will enhance litigation outcomes as the case progresses.

The AdvancedRM Advantage:

Through the development of a chronology, analysis of medical issues and future medical care, and the exposure and understanding of prior conditions, we are able to fully navigate through the complexities of your case and offer valuable insight. 

Benefits of Medical File Reviews with AdvancedRM:

  • A comprehensive review of all medical documents to identify pertinent medical issues, pre-existing conditions, problems with medical history
  • Identification of questions to be addressed by providers or experts
  • Recommendations for additional evaluations for treatment
  • Identification functional problems and future care needs
  • Identification or resources to ensure the client is receiving optimal care
  • Establishment of long-term impact of the injury, illness, or disability

The Life Care Plan AdvancedRM compiled for me was insightful and thorough. Their guidance and detailed report allowed me to support my settlement demand with clear defensible information. They definitely helped me achieve a successful outcome on this complex case. They are competent and knowledgeable. I recommend them highly.

Evona D., Esq.

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