Easy Access to Expert
Medical Professionals

There is no fee and no obligation. We will contact you to provide a free consultation within 24 hours.

Or Call: (484) 386-6100

Easy Access to Expert
Medical Professionals

There is no fee and no obligation. We will contact you to provide a free consultation within 24 hours.

Or Call: (484) 386-6100

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Medical Experts Navigating Your Needs

AdvancedRM is a valuable partner for your legal team.  Our utilization of nurses, therapists, social workers, and other experienced medical professionals provide a cost-effective solution to moving your case through the litigation process. 

Partnering with us is the first step toward ensuring a trusted network of medical professionals and expert assessment to help you with understanding the complex medical issues impacting your case. 

Our services are customized to meet the needs of every law firm and every case. No case is too small or too large. We work with you to choose the best tool for your particular case needs. 

Medical Experts Navigating Your Needs


We pride ourselves on being an effective resource for you and your legal team. 

Health Care Providers

Our Case  Managers assist patients struggling to manage and understand medical care.

Insurance Providers

We ensure that claimants receive quality care in the most cost-effective manner.

Medical Care Advocacy

We are strong advocates for families with complex medical needs. 

Our Services Deliver Results

Life Care Planning and Cost Projection

Life Care Planning & Cost Projection

A Life Care Plan outlines the cost of future treatment & care when expert testimony is needed.  A Cost Projection is a cost-effective solution when policy limits are low or for settlement negotiation.

We outline the cost of all treatment, services, and equipment needed and the associated costs for clients with a catastrophic injury, disability, or chronic illness.

One Shot Visits

One Shot Visits

One Shot visits can include attendant care evaluations, home OT evals, home modification evals, or assessment of treatment needs.

Our experienced medical professional will complete an on-site visit to evaluate the extent of an injury, potential complications, safety, need for additional care, and future treatments needs.

Medical file reviews

File reviews by a medical expert will help determine merit, next steps, and a general path to follow in litigation.

Through the development of a chronology, analysis of medical issues and future medical care, and the understanding of prior conditions, we are able to fully navigate through the complexities of a case and offer valuable insight.

Case Management

Case Managers coordinate all aspects of medical care for persons who have been injured, are disabled, chronically ill, or elderly.  

Our experienced staff members will assist with logistical issues, identification of appropriate medical providers and care givers, as well as available resources. We facilitate communication amongst treating providers and ensure all medical issues are understood. Plan development and implementation is our specialty.

Meet The AdvancedRM Team

I have used AdvancedRM for my medically complex matters for over 10 years.  Their work product, knowledge, and attention to detail is outstanding.  I have been very pleased with the results I have been able to obtain for my clients with their assistance.

Joseph S., Esq. 

We assist families with taking proper action to make decisions to ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love.

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