​​AdvancedRM’s ​​​​​team of experienced clinical professionals can arrange a one-time Case Evaluation to assist attorneys and adjusters with evaluating their case or claim. Our care manager will complete an on-site visit to evaluate the extent of an injury, potential complications, safety, need for additional care, and future treatments needs. A report outlining our findings will

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Case Evaluation

​​AdvancedRM ​​​​offers this service to assist attorneys who would like to evaluate the potential monetary value of a case and severity of an injury. Following a thorough review of the records and case details, a Settlement Projection can be prepared ​The AdvancedRM Advantage Establish Case ValueWe will provide an expert opinion and project future treatments as

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Settlement Projection

AdvancedRM’s team of certified experts are able to create a comprehensive Life Care Plan for catastrophically injured, chronically ill, and disabled clients.  We can also evaluate an existing plan and prepare a rebuttal. Our plans and evaluations are developed using detailed record reviews, chronologies, comprehensive interviews, physician and provider input, as well as the clinical

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Life Care Planning

AdvancedRM has an extensive pool of highly specialized nurses and rehabilitation professionals who will prepare a report, take deposition, or provide expert testimony. We Specialize in Expert Reports:Certificate of Merit Our experts of like specialty who are actively practicing in a clinical environment review records to determine if a case has merit prior to filing

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Expert Witness

AdvancedRM’s team of experts work aggressively with your client or loved one and their treating providers to enhance quality of life and ensure proper treatment is received.  Our case managers are advocates for the disabled, elderly, injured, and infirmed.   The AdvancedRM Advantage:Our experts understand the complexities that arise from a disability, illness, or catastrophic

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Case Management

AdvancedRM’s case managers coordinate all aspects of care for seniors and their families. We coordinate the logistics of care while also identifying appropriate medical providers, caregivers, residential placement, durable medical equipment needs, and support. The AdvancedRM Advantage:Our case managers coordinate communication with all payer sources to facilitate reimbursement from all available avenues. Identification of community

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Elder Care Management

AdvancedRM’s experts can provide future earnings evaluations and labor market surveys help to evaluate whether the labor market will support the return to a given occupation, as well as establish pay rates and salary potential.   The AdvancedRM Advantage:Our team of experts is available to provide testimony and feedback required for the litigation process to

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Vocational Assessment

​​​​A Peer Review is typically performed on files in which an analysis of the records and bills is needed in order to establish the medical facts throughout the litigation process. AdvancedRM’s Peer Reviews are an excellent tool for any claim that has medical questions that must be answered. ​The AdvancedRM Advantage Clarifying Medical IssuesA Peer

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Peer Review

AdvancedRM can handle your IME for you.  We can provide set up, set up with extended file review, or can attend to ensure all issues on a case are properly addressed by the physician.  If you do not have an office member to attend, or would prefer a qualified medical opinion of the evaluation, let

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IME – Independant Medical Evaluations

AdvancedRM’s comprehensive medical file review can provide you with relevant and organized medical information with ease of access targeted to your litigation needs.  In addition, a file review will identify the need for additional records, evaluations, and information that will enhance litigation outcomes as the case progresses. The AdvancedRM Advantage:Through the development of a chronology,

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Medical File Review

We assist families with taking proper action to make decisions to ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love.

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