Settlement Projection

Settlement Projection

​AdvancedRM ​​​​offers this service to assist attorneys who would like to evaluate the potential monetary value of a case and severity of an injury. Following a thorough review of the records and case details, a Settlement Projection can be prepared

​The AdvancedRM Advantage

Establish Case Value

We will provide an expert opinion and project future treatments as well as anticipated costs. This tool, combined with the information obtained in the file review, is valuable in establishing the value of a case and the appropriateness of a settlement demand.

Settlement Projection Services Include:

  • Review of file to establish future care needs
  • Interview of client to obtain current and accurate medical information
  • Review of bills and services provided to date
  • Recommendations for additional evaluations and opinions to create a defensible plan
  • Discussion regarding current treatment, future care needs, and case strategies
  • Completion of a report outlining future care needs and costs

We assist families with taking proper action to make decisions to ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love.

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