Peer Review

peer review

​​​A Peer Review is typically performed on files in which an analysis of the records and bills is needed in order to establish the medical facts throughout the litigation process.

AdvancedRM's Peer Reviews are an excellent tool for any claim that has medical questions that must be answered.

​The AdvancedRM Advantage

Clarifying Medical Issues

A Peer Review is helpful for an attorney in establishing case strategy when medical issues require clarification.  A Peer Review is also helpful for an adjuster to determine appropriateness and necessity of medical care. Our extensive network of physicians allows us to facilitate reviews in all areas of specialty throughout the country.

Peer Review Services Include

  • Thorough examination of bills to determine if rates and costs are reasonable and appropriate
  • An analysis of medical treatment provided to determine if care received is appropriate
  • Assessment of next steps and identification of providers to assist in evaluation of the claim
  • Analysis of treatment, relatedness, and future needs
  • Determination of need for additional medical records required to complete a comprehensive review

We assist families with taking proper action to make decisions to ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love.

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