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Finding Medical Experts to Be Expert Witnesses

 April 4, 2017

By  Deborah L Weiner Katz, OTR/L, CCM, CLCP

An instrumental part of any case are the witnesses used to help prove the medical facts. When an attorney requires a witness, whose testimony will be based these facts, he or she will need an expert witness. AdvancedRM has medical expertise in all aspects of care management and medical advocacy.  In addition to our staff of experts, we have a large extended network of professionals with specialized medical backgrounds readily available to our clients.

Our management team carefully screens each case before determining which expert will be the best match. Our network of experts includes many specialties often called upon for expert testimony and include areas such as; nursing home malpractice, surgical and PACU cases, pediatric and birth injuries, rehabilitation care, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injury, life-care planning, and lost earnings capacity.

We train our experts to:

  • Review medical information to evaluate future needs and costs.
  • Assess how a condition might be related to an accident or event.
  • Evaluate whether there has been a breach in medical protocol or standards of care.
  • Evaluate an individual’s future medical and rehabilitative care resulting from an injury or deviation in practice.
  • Provide deposition and trial testimony.
  • Prepare Certificates of Merit or Reports to support medical findings.

Medical Review

Attorneys rely on us to review complex medical files. We are able to dedicate an entire team of clinical professionals to perform detailed reviews when often attorneys have limited staff members and are unable to spend the time required. Through our reviews, we can offer valuable insight into these complex cases by developing a chronology, analyzing medical issues, determining future medical care, and exposing and understanding prior conditions.

We are able to fully navigate the complexities of medical cases and offer valuable insight. Often times, reviews can be done prior to trial or deposition in order to evaluate the key issues for attorneys to question or provide specific details for witnesses to testify to later in the case.

Life Care Planning

Another purpose our experts serve is Life Care Planning. Someone who suffers a catastrophic injury or chronic illness will sadly, but inevitably, require treatment, care, services and equipment resulting in long term costs.. Our comprehensive Life Care plan will outline these costs, using detailed record reviews, comprehensive interviews, physician and provider input, and our own clinical assessment.

Peer Review

Attorneys must establish a case strategy. If there are medical issues involved and they are not clear, that is where Peer Review comes in. We can provide this service throughout the country, thanks to our extensive network of physicians. With a Peer Review, an attorney can determine the appropriateness and necessity of medical care by a provider of like specialty. These may be used as part of the work product on a case to ensure the case is supported. Reports can be used during the negotiation process or as a formal document to outline medical facts on the case. Peer Review doctors are also able to perform IME’s if needed.

One bad witness can sink a case; ask any lawyer. That same lawyer will tell you how indispensable an expert witness is. Now, medical experts are constantly serving as expert witnesses. We ensure one is qualified to be the other. If you are an attorney that requires access to our experts and their services, please contact our offices today.

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