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Target to Debut Sensory-Friendly & Adaptive Clothing Line

 October 19, 2017

By  Deborah L Weiner Katz, OTR/L, CCM, CLCP

You might think that a special needs child’s aversion to touch applies only to you or other people. If so, you still have more to learn about the disabled. Luckily, Target has proven once again to be the progressive retailer we know and love.

Coming soon, Target is set to debut a line of clothing designed exclusively for children with touch sensitivity, as well as a collection for those with disabilities. The items are available via the retailer’s house brand, Cat & Jack. They are modelled after existing styles and range in price from $4.50 to $7.50. For now, they will be available in children’s sizes but adult sizes may follow, depending on guest feedback and the performance of these pieces. The idea is that sensory-friendly and adaptive styles will become a regular part of Target’s clothing options for children.

Cat & Jack offers a selection of t-shirts and leggings with flat seams that are free from irksome tags and add-ons. The idea is to minimize discomfort caused by contact with the skin. The leggings are also sensory-friendly and include extra room in the hips, with a higher rise to accommodate older kids who wear diapers.

As for adaptive clothing, which is a form of assistive technology, styles will be added this fall. Items of clothing will include zip-off sleeves, side openings to make dressing easier, or openings in the back for those who are sitting or lying down. Like wheelchairs, adaptive clothing can grant people with disabilities the freedom to dress themselves according to their own personal style.

Our friends at Izzy Wheels have already shown us that wheelchairs can be a fashion choice. Girls like Izzy and Ailbhe Keane may be pioneers of style when it comes to assistive technology, entrepreneurs whose personalized wheel covers have rocketed their business to dizzying heights. Yet, a commercial giant such as Target can approach the matter from a whole other perspective, enabling adaptive style to trickle down through its 1,816 locations. Why should anyone with a disability miss out on the opportunity to be stylish? Feeling comfortable and confident can only empower someone who has to summon incredible courage to face each day.


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