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Play Ball! – Making Sports Possible for Children with Disabilities

 August 27, 2015

By  Deborah L Weiner Katz, OTR/L, CCM, CLCP

At AdvancedRM we encourage every one of our client’s to be independent and overcome barriers in their environment and lives. One of our favorite charitable organizations embraces this philosophy; the  Miracle League of Northampton Township, located in Bucks County, PA. They utilize a fully accessible playing field to allow athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities play softball and other sports.  We are excited to share their story with you!

Every Child Dreams of Being Part of a Team.

When kids are growing up, many parents spend a lot of time at the ball field. It’s a time of connecting with other parents and watching kids learn the lessons of team sports. Kids connect with each other during friendly games of basketball,  pickup softball games, or a leisurely catch. The bonding, feeling of being a part of a team, and sense accomplishment when a catch is made or a run is scored, is just a part of growing up…for most people.

For those with special needs, this may not be the case. The autistic child cannot maintain his attention or follow the rules of the game. The child with Down’s syndrome may run slowly, struggle to hit the ball, or need extra instruction in order to keep up with the team. An individual with cerebral palsy can’t make it down the bases quickly; it’s not easy to hit a ball while holding onto a walker or to run the bases with an unsteady gait. How about the child who must use a wheelchair because of spina bifida?

Making Dreams Come True. 

Miracle League is a national organization, which supports the development of accessible fields all over the country. These fields solve the issues encountered by so many individuals with special needs. “Every child deserves a chance to play baseball” is their motto and that is exactly what they have done. By using wheelchair accessible fields and energetic coaches or “buddies”, special needs athletes can play ball on teams and enjoy sports just like their able bodied counterparts.

The Miracle League sports complex featured in this blog was constructed in Richboro, PA. Our team at AdvancedRM helped to support the building of the field from concept to completion. This field  is highlighted in the video below. The video explains the pure joy the children, and adults alike, experienced on opening day and the subsequent satisfaction and pleasure the fields have brought to the community.

Athletes of all ages with special needs can play:

  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Goal Ball

The League continues to expand and invites new teams and athletes to get involved and use the state of the art facilities.

AdvancedRM encourages you to watch this wonderful video featuring Miracle League of Northampton Township PA, filmed by Brad Nau. It was narrated by  Philadelphia Daily News sports writer Stan Hochman.  We hope you enjoy the video as much as we have enjoyed supporting this organization. For additional information on this league, please visit them at https://www.miracleleaguenhpa.org.




AdvancedRM would like to dedicate this blog to the memory of Stan Hochman. He passed away this past spring. He was a friend, an advocate, and a force in helping the League to raise awareness and funding to build this field. He may no longer be with us, but his memory and spirit will go on forever.

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