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Get Up, Stand Up With the Tek RMD

 February 23, 2017

By  Deborah L Weiner Katz, OTR/L, CCM, CLCP

Anyone who has been to the mall has seen a security guard whiz by on a Segway. It may be tempting to snicker or giggle. Once you have witnessed the Tek RMD from Matia Robotics in action, you will never experience that temptation again. Of course, the Tek RMD is capable of far more than any Segway. The Robotic Mobilization Device grants paraplegics hands-free mobility from a vertical position.

Here’s how it works. A disabled individual in a wheelchair uses a special remote control to summon the Tek RMD. Unlike a wheelchair, which must be mounted from the front, the Tek RMD is accessed from the rear of the device. From one seated position to another, users can transfer themselves to the device’s seating apparatus. With a gentle pull, they can then reach a standing position. It is that simple.

This is not a wheelchair alternative, mind you. This is a brand new mobility platform that grants the disabled unprecedented access to their environment. Most importantly, standing up for an hour a day is already a mandatory daily exercise for paraplegics. The Tek RMD allows them to achieve this with ease while leaving their hands free to perform any number of tasks. The only thing greater than the unprecedented access is the unparalleled sense of independence the device bestows upon its users.

When compared to a wheelchair, the Tek RMD is smaller, better designed and easy to transport. It comes with a battery charger that gets plugged into an electrical outlet. It only takes 4.5 hours to charge.  Depending on the weight of the user and the floor surface, that charge is good for one or two days of use. You can fit the Tek RMD in any SUV-sized vehicle. It is a triumph of design that manages to sneak just enough style into its practical application.

While managing care for the disabled requires us to be sensitive to their trials and tribulations, we also get to share the joy and excitement that science can bring to those who only wish to access as much of life as anyone else. It is why you will always find reports of such groundbreaking technology in this space!  We don’t take the ADVANCED portion of AdvancedRM lightly.  We try to incorporate new technology and new medical advancements into all of our client’s needs.  Whether it be for Case Management or Life Care Planning, we believe in optimizing results.

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