Life Care Plan

Four Key Components of a Life Care Plan

 August 10, 2020

By  Deborah L Weiner Katz, OTR/L, CCM, CLCP

Each life care plan is unique as it reflects the future needs and cost of care for each individual. There is no “one size fits all” life care plan. There are, however, certain steps that need to be followed. An effective life care plan is comprised of these key components:

Assessment/Record Review

Before taking a single step, a life care planner must perform a thorough review of the information available on the case. Extensive medical records may be needed and available records are reviewed. This sets the stage for the next steps in the process. Records may need to be requested and reviewed later in the process in order to compile a comprehensive plan.


The Life Care Planner normally completes a comprehensive interview with the client as well as members of their support system in order to gain a better understanding of changes in the client’s medical history, treatment, and functional status in order to look at current/projected needs. Physicians and involved providers may be contacted regarding current and future treatment needs. The Life Care Planner assesses the home environment, ability to access the community, and assistance required in order to maintain as independent a lifestyle as possible.


Following the interview, the Life Care Planner systematically outlines all of the individual’s future needs associated with keeping him/her healthy and independent. Future treatment required, diagnostic testing, personal care, therapy, support, and environmental modifications/equipment are all included into the projection. Information is carefully reviewed and correlated with medical recommendations made by the physicians/providers. This, in combination with a review of well-established standards of care and literature, as well as the extensive experience of the Life Care Planner, is used as the basis of plan development. Costs are associated with the care needs identified and are included in the development of the plan. Costs are obtained from a defensible data base based on geographical adjustment factors.

Plan Development

The Life Care Planner then completes the report outlining the individual’s future medical needs. Additional discussion with the client, physicians, as well as review of the medical records may be needed in order to finalize the plan. Drafts may be reviewed by the physician to ensure all medical details are accurate. Questions regarding the plan may be reviewed by the referral source to ensure the plan is thorough and meets all needs.

The AdvancedRM Advantage

All plans prepared by certified life care planners with 25 years of experience

Life Care Plan
We outline the cost of all treatment, services, and equipment needed in addition to identifying long-term costs for a client with a catastrophic injury, chronic illness, or disability.  This report is typically created when expert testimony may be required.  

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