Gregory M.

A Case Study in:


AdvancedRM was was contacted by an attorney regarding his minor client, Gregory.  Gregory was involved in a motor vehicle accident while riding the school bus.  The attorney was battling with the insurance carrier as they did not believe Gregory sustained life altering problems due to this accident. The attorney requested assistance in arranging an independent assessment of Gregory.

Client History

Gregory had special learning needs prior to the accident. He was in a special school with other autistic children. Gregory was traveling to school when a motor vehicle accident occurred. This was a serious accident and the bus driver was killed. Gregory was transported to the hospital and diagnosed with a broken clavicle and a head injury. The hospital documented confusion, facial lacerations, bruised ribs, fractured clavicle, and a bruised wrist in the discharge summary. Gregory ’s mother reported the accident was devastating for Gregory. She noted behavioral problems and issues at school following the accident. She maintains Gregory was doing well in school before the accident


  • The case manager conducted a thorough file review of all records obtained from Gregory ’s attorney. A chronology of Gregory's medical, academic, and developmental history was created.
  • We identified a pediatric neuropsychologist with expertise in traumatic brain injury as well as developmental disabilities. We spoke with the physician at length regarding his ability to differentiate new issues related to Gregory's injuries versus previous autistic behaviors to assist with resolution of this case from a legal standpoint.
  • We composed a detailed letter to the physician to provide background and accident information. We accompanied Gregory to his appointment. We met with the physician prior to Gregory’s appointment and provided medical records for his review. The examination was completed and the physician provided a written report presenting his findings.  
  • Prior to submitting the physician’s report to the attorney we were able to speak with the doctor to discuss his findings.  He answered questions to clarify cognitive and behavioral changes resulting from the accident  
  • We provided the neuropsychologist's report as well as a summary prepared by the case manager to the attorney.  


Our file review along with the neuropsychologist’s report supported Gregory’s mother’s observations of new behavioral issues and a decline in Gregory’s school work.  The neuropsychological IME was extremely useful in identifying the impact of the accident on the client’s emotional, academic, and functional development.


Using IME report, Gregory’s attorney was able to obtain a settlement to cover the costs of Gregory’s care for the remainder of his life. In addition, Gregory’s mother was able to use this report to assist her in obtaining appropriate support services through the school system to help Gregory regain pre-accident skills. Additional tutoring, counseling, and therapy services were added and Gregory began to improve. Ongoing support will help Gregory as he gets older and faces new challenges.

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