Matthew C.

A Case Study in:

Life Care Planning

AdvancedRM AdvancedRM was contacted regarding a minor who recently sustained a catastrophic injury. Through the attorney we learned that Matthew, an 11 year old boy, was in the hospital with a severe spinal cord injury following a bicycle vs. motor vehicle accident.  He requested we compile a preliminary Life Care Plan to assist him in preparing his litigation plan. He also requested the case manager's feedback regarding any additional consultations or treatment to enhance his recovery.

Client History

Matthew was injured in a bicycle accident that resulted in a fracture to his spine and trauma to the spinal cord. He was airlifted to a hospital and underwent immediate surgical intervention. He remained in the hospital for several weeks following admission. He lost bowel and bladder function as well as all feeling below T11.  Matthew attended an in-patient rehabilitation program following his discharge from the hospital and was discharged to home with a wheelchair, equipment, medications, supplies, instructions regarding care, and plans for further rehabilitation.


  • The Life Care Planner met with the Matthew, his family, doctors, and therapists to obtain information regarding medical conditions, rehabilitation progress, projected recovery, and community based rehabilitation needs.
  • While the preliminary plan was being developed, a case manager with experience in home modifications was assigned.  We consulted the family regarding equipment needs, home modification projections, and assisted in making sure the home was accessible for Matthew.  
  • AdvancedRM arranged vendors for supplies and equipment with delivery to Matthew’s home.  We identified various home care providers and assisted the family with the interview process.
  • When the family decided on a home care provider, Matthew was discharged home with his family and all required treatment and supplies in place.  


The information obtained in the development of the preliminary Life Care Plan was useful in setting the stage for a good recovery for Matthew. Given the addition of a knowledgeable advocate while discharge plans were being made, Matthew was able to go home to a safe and barrier free environment and the family was better equipped to deal with his injury.  The early involvement of this expert was beneficial to Matthew, his family, his attorney, and the individuals involved in the legal claim.  As the Life Care Planner had intimate knowledge of the early rehabilitation plan, Matthew’s struggles, and his response to treatment, the plan was detailed and precise thus making it a reliable tool later in the litigation process.


Using the information gathered from Matthew and his family, as well as the medical information obtained from the medical records, we were able to compile a thorough Life Care Plan.  This plan included all immediate needs and their costs, all needs and costs within the next five years, as well as lifetime needs and costs.  Due to AdvancedRM’s access to pediatric experts to provide care management for Matthew, services were implemented to facilitate top level care with access to cutting edge treatment and technology.  Matthew is now walking with custom fitted braces and may be a candidate for developing technology to promote additional function.

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