Hannah L.

A Case Study in:

Guardianship Support

Hannah’s family sought direction from AdvancedRM due to mounting concerns about their ability to care for their developmentally disabled adult daughter, Hannah.  Mrs. L. requested our assistance as she was unsure of options for Hannah and did not know how to approach finding a solution.  

Client History

Mrs. L., Hannah’s mother, indicated she and her husband are both in their 70’s.  Hannah is 45 years old and was born with Down’s Syndrome.  She currently lives with her parents in their family home.  Mrs. L. explained her concerns about what will happen to Hannah if something should happen to either herself or her husband.

Mrs. L. indicated she would like for Hannah to live amongst peers, have a social life, and continue to be as independent as possible. We recommended the assistance of a care manager to help them develop and implement a plan for her future care.


  • The AdvancedRM care manager met with Hannah and her family to obtain an overall assessment of Hannah's needs.  We discussed her ability to perform daily activities, the amount of support required, steps taken to date regarding community living options, and Mrs. L.’s time line for making a move for Hannah.  
  • A full discussion of their financial status ensued. The care manager requested a list of social services accessed thus far for Hannah’s care.  We inquired regarding support systems currently in place. We discussed family supports versus community supports available. We reviewed Hannah's living situation, work status and goals, and the family's vision of her future.
  • The care manager contacted the County Division of MH/MR to obtain information on services available for Hannah and her family. We made contact with the supports coordinator to obtain a copy of her records and recorded goals for Hannah.  We advised her of the need to review the plan in light of the care manager's involvement and recent discussion with the family.


Upon review of the information provided, the care manager determined additional support services could not be provided through the County until a Medicaid Waiver was obtained.

In order to accomplish this, a decision was made to connect the family with an attorney who could establish a Special Needs Trust.  This trust is needed to protect the funds the family has saved for Hannah and will also allow her to be eligible to apply for the Waiver. The care manager’s services will be covered by the funds placed in the special needs trust.

In addition, Hannah’s family earmarked funds in the trust for care management services to ensure oversight of her future care. The care manager agreed to assist Mrs. L. with applying for the benefits Hannah is entitled to and begin to put them in place.


With the care manager’s support and direction, the family navigated through this process easily.  Hannah received her benefits and additional community based support.

Hannah’s family is thrilled with the results obtained by the care manager. Hannah is now receiving additional support in the work place, has a recreational support staff member who takes her bowling and to Special Olympic events, and is currently awaiting placement in a residential facility.

Mrs. L. has expressed their gratitude, as she now feels secure knowing Hannah will be safe and happy when she is no longer able to care for her.  She and her husband did not want to burden their other children with her care. She feels they now have a plan and support system in place for Hannah’s future.

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