Brendan J.

A Case Study in:

One Shot Visit

AdvancedRM was contacted to complete a One Shot Case Evaluation of Brendan J. Brendan is a retired Veteran who lost his left leg in combat during the Gulf War. He recently suffered from a fracture to his right femur as a result of a slip and fall accident while shopping in a large retail chain store. Brendan’s attorney requested assistance to determine the extent of Brendan’s injuries, the type of assistance he will require now and in the future, what type of home and vehicle modifications will be required, and how much it would all cost.

Client History

Brendan was shopping with his wife in a large retail chain store when he slipped and fell on a newly mopped floor that was not cordoned off. As a result, he sustained a broken right femur, dislocated thumb, and his left leg prosthesis was damaged.  Brendan was hospitalized for a week and then moved to an inpatient rehabilitation facility where he resided for 3 months.

When he was discharged to home, he required round the clock care. As his wife worked full time, he was in need of assistance in the home for 10 hours per day. His home was not accessible and modifications were needed in order to ensure Brendan’s safety.


  • An AdvancedRM case manager scheduled a home visit with Brendan and his wife. The case manager performed a thorough home evaluation to determine Brendan’s safety needs within the home.
  • The case manager obtained a signed consent form to allow her to request all of Brendan’s records regarding his femur injury as well as his rehabilitation records from his amputation.
  • A thorough file review was performed. The case manager evaluated all areas of risk for Brendan and the possible outcomes for his future. Suggestions were made regarding treatment required and future care needs.


A full report was prepared for the attorney to document safety needs, home modification needs, rehabilitation needs, and care needs.


As a result of our One Shot Case Evaluation, Brendan’s attorney was able to obtain all of the equipment and care Brendan required in the future. He was able to present solid arguments to justify his settlement demand and win his case.

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