Alan A.

A Case Study in:

Life Care Planning

AdvancedRM was contacted by Alan's attorney following his involvement in a motor vehicle accident while working. Following the accident, Alan was assigned to a telephonic case manager by the Workers' Compensation carrier. She arranged for treatment by panel providers who quickly determined Alan was able to return to work. Feeling that Alan was not getting proper care, his attorney contacted us to help sort out his work related injuries and provide direction regarding needed medical and diagnostic consults. He noted he will need a Life Care Plan at the end of the case; however, the client requires appropriate care and rehabilitation and was not receiving this through the employer’s panel of doctors.

Client History

Alan was employed as a maintenance worker for a self-insured property management company.  He was driving a truck, while on duty, and was rear ended by another vehicle. Alan experienced immediate head and neck pain along with disorientation. He was taken via ambulance to the nearest hospital. Alan was discharged after a short stay in the emergency room. He was sent home with pain medication and instructed to follow up with his primary care physician.

Alan’s employer advised him he was unable to return to work until he was released by his physicians to work at full capacity. Alan was in excrutiating pain and did not feel he was capable of returning to work. He was referred to panel approved physicians. He was advised to see a neurologist for his head injury. The neurologist discharged him from care and told him he could return to work.

Alan felt pressured to return to work and was frustrated as he had not yet received treatment for his pain, nausea, and other symptomology.  He advised his attorney he was unable to return to work.  Alan’s attorney contacted AdvancedRM for case management services.


  • The case manager conducted an initial case management interview. She discovered limited telephonic case management assistance was provided prior to AdvancedRM’s involvement; therefore appropriate evaluations and care were not received.
  • AdvancedRM was able to refer Alan to proper providers who, in turn, referred him for rehabilitation and counseling.  
  • Alan was provided with assistance by our vocational counselor to develop compensatory strategies to employ in his current position to determine if he would be able to return to work.  
  • A Life Care Plan was developed to assist in outlining future costs related to surgery, counseling, and ongoing treatment of the brain injury. 


Involvement of a case manager helped to identify untreated medical issues and help Alan in obtaining appropriate evaluations and treatment. The case manager helped with Alan’s recovery and eventual return to work. Documentation of accident related injuries helped to pursue litigation for a positive outcome.


The client’s pain issues began to resolve with proper treatment and coping strategies.  He began sleeping more and was less anxious.  Through counseling and therapy he learned to compensate for the residual brain injury deficits. The vocational counselor worked with his employer to facilitate a return to work.  With the assistance of our Life Care Plan, Alan’s attorney was able to obtain an appropriate settlement for Alan.  Now he will have the resources available to take care of his treatment needs for the remainder of his life.

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